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Car Care - Hybrid Ceramic Spray

$49.99 USD

Hartford Limited Ceramic Spray is the perfect solution for user-friendly ceramic protection. Developed in partnership with Glanz a PFS company,you know the guys who detail and protect hypercars. This ceramic spray is designed to be applied much like spray wax. However, that is where the similarities end. This product contains the highest percentage of ceramic solution that offers protection and a glass-like finish, while also being easy to apply at home. While this is not a permanent ceramic coating, it also means you cannot mess it up. It's easy enough to apply the next time you detail your car, much like you would do with wax. Nonetheless, you don't need to wax your car. Additionally, unlike many waxes, our Ceramic Spray is safe to use on plastics, soft tops, trim, and other areas that wax would normally stain.


*Designed for painted surfaces, headlights, soft tops, and chrome trim.*